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Why teams switch to morningmate over Asana 
It's a new dawn for teamwork — Your all-in-one powerhouse, effortlessly replace multiple work apps for unparalleled project management and easy collaboration.
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Unique work feed
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Quick & simple task
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Engaging work
collaboration icon
Internal & external
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No catches. No credit card.
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Scroll through the chart to see the different benefits of each collaboration tool.
External collaboration
To-do list
Task manager
5 Step manager
List or Kanban
Gantt chart view
Timeline alternative
Notification settings
Limited settings
Personal work viewer
Multiple views
Article post
Task list view
Work feed
Kanban board
Direct comments
Video conference integrations
Zoom + MS Teams
File sharing
Secret chat
Real-time chat
Email style
What makes us different?
See how our all-in-one platform stacks up against other popular project management tools.
collabration tool chart that compares morningmate against other brands like asana, clickup,, and jira
morningmate replaces the frequent apps you use for work
Save money and increase productivity. See how our workflow platform compares to bundling Slack and Asana together:
slack icon
Real-time chat
mo / per person
asana icon
Task management
mo / per person
mo / per person
year / per person
morningmate icon
All-in-One Collaboration
mo / per person
  • Task manager
  • To-do lists
  • Real-time chat
  • Comments
  • Zoom & MS Teams integrations
  • File storage
  • Workflow views
mo / per person
year / per person
Want a more in-depth comparison?
Sign up and download our 2023 Collaboration Tool Comparison Report to check all the pros and cons between well-known brands and morningmate.
image to request a project management and collaboration tools chart comparison report
Your workspace on a feed
Collaborate on a unique work feed that organises all of your work posts chronologically like a social feed, making it easy to surf through projects and tasks seamlessly with everyone.
Don't waste time, save time for what truly matters
Reduce 55m of wasted time on communicational inefficiencies and spend more time on the important tasks.
Wasted time on traditional apps vs. morningmate
Chart that shows how morningmate save time for users in communicational inneficiencies
Based on 1,422 user activity surveys (2022), teams using moringmate have experienced a decrease of 55m up to 1.5H in time spent on email, messenger, and calls.
Check out how various diverse teams collaborate with morningmate
image for a blog about Asana and why you should consider other options like morningmate

If you’re reading this article, you know we aren’t talking about yoga. Asana is one of the largest project and task management applications for team workflows. 

image for a blog about why UK organisations are using morningmate

It almost feels like yesterday since COVID-19 changed our lives, locking everyone down at home for months before we could normally share spaces with everyone again.

image for a blog about how you can create a project management workflow with morningmate

It doesn’t matter the size of the business you manage, you can always use more help in completing projects easier… while still being on time and within 

Workflow technology that benefits everyone
Sign up for free and let us help simplify your new agile workflow.
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