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Introducing Morningmate AI (Beta)
Your new personal work assistant
Beta users found the new AI feature helped with...
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Make your workflow SPARKLE with AI!
Waiting Room
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  • AI Business Filter
Speak your search query and get results
Don’t search through weeks worth of information; instead, ask AI and have results compiled in seconds
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  • Create an AI Project
Easily create templates for any taskMake templates appear before your very eyes
A few descriptors is all it takes to map out a workflow suitable for any industry, tailored to your needs
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  • AI Post Creation
Auto-generate content you use on the regular
For business plans, weekly reports, or anything else you need
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  • Create AI SubTasks
Narrate your vision from start to finish
Tell the AI what you need and receive a fully populated list of tasks, including suggestions you may not have considered yourself
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Ready to sign up? Get two weeks free of our Business+ Plan and be among users to welcome new AI features this April!
Look forward to these upcoming AI features!
We’re always working to develop the most relevant features to improve your workflow
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Daily reporting
  • AI generated posts detailing work accomplished
Unread alert summary
  • Set how often you wish to receive a summary of your unread notifications
  • Convert information-dense posts into key highlights
  • Summarize chats to important details don’t get lost in conversation
Workflow assistant
  • Find related tasks you can batch together
  • Allow AI to recommend the most appropriate person for unassigned tasks
Security certifications you can trust
These measures allow Morningmate to keep data secure for organizations of all sizes around the world
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Let AI handle the simple stuff 
while you focus on results
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