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Discover how I made my business into an
ecommerce success
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Parfait is a special kind of florist located in Medellín, Colombia. We specialize in luxury flowers with a twist -- jeweled flowers that last forever. My business stands out for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, offering products and services that help customers honor all kinds of life milestones.


Initial problems

  • Data organization

  • Delivery coordination

  • Operations history

Time with Morningmate

2 years ​

joined in 2022

Most used tools​

  • Task post

  • Calendar

  • Article post

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"When a business is growing fast, you have this experience of learning what still works for you and what just won't work anymore. Working with Morningmate changed the entire flow of my company in just the way we needed, and daily work became simpler than ever before."


-Katy Tonkonogova, CEO

Getting organized
My own way of doing things was working well for me, but hiring staff taught me I need to take organization more seriously. 

Now I use workspaces to contain important facets of daily operations. 

Using workspaces I track ecommerce channels, my staff works confidently with clear instructions, and we manage inventory as a team.

Simplifying operational logistics means more energy to put toward our customers, and we love that!

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Synchronizing the dream team
Setting our delivery schedule without switching between windows saved a surprising amount of time

Our delivery process is now standardized and optimized to our weekly flow of orders.

And since we can comment directly on each post, questions or issues are resolved fast and easily searchable.

Best of all, the entire process is visible for the entire team.
Keeping things consistent
As demands increase and teams grow, habits and standards can drift. 

To maintain consistency, we needed our product builds written down and easy to reference.

Our workspace for protocols empowers staff to find answers & ensure consistent quality of our products.

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Pink Liquid

Template sharing: a key benefit of Morningmate!

Want to use the templates I built to grow my ecommerce business?


"Learning the platform was easy, and by 2 months in our team was using Morningmate exclusively for communications and reporting our work."

More features we use at Parfait:

Pin to work feeds
We keep important information & updates pinned at the top of the page
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Gantt chart scheduling
The Gantt chart lets you edit status, deadlines, and priorities for tasks
Communication through chat
Shared links & files are easy to locate, and conversations are searchable too
What are you waiting for?
Don't struggle like I did! Morningmate streamlined my daily business tasks, making organization simple and easy.

Plus, their customer support is always ready to help you make the platform your own.
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Product support from real humans

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Achieve complete digital transformation with personalized support

Tailored setup

Onboard training

Direct support

Tailored setup

Our experts will help you maximize customization potential


Onboard training

We'll teach you the ins and outs of the platform


Direct support

Speak directly with our support team, never outsourced or automated

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