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April 25 (Thur) 2024
4:00 - 5:30PM PST
Embrace the K-Wave
Welcome to the Korean Work Wave Workshop, a FREE live online event where you will discover the secrets behind South Korea’s productive and efficient work culture.

South Korea went from a poor developing country in the 80s to ranking among the 15 biggest economies world-wide in less than 45 years.

So what’s the secret behind South Korea’s biggest companies like Samsung and Hyundai? How did they become global leaders in their industry?
Leave this live online workshop with the confidence to:
  • Understand virtual workspaces
  • Master digital work processes
  • Bend AI to your will
  • Keep it together with best practices
Workshop participants will work hands-on with the Morningmate platform, used by Korean giants like Samsung and Hyundai.
Hosted by:
Diego Jimenez
Channel Account Manager
Morningmate is proud to have Diego Jimenez running this workshop. An experienced leader of teams from a wide variety of backgrounds, his kind and friendly demeanor will have workshop participants feeling engaged and empowered by the material.

His CV includes working as a partner of the Training & Enablement team at Globalization Partners, as a Coach for the American Express Concierge Department, and as a Logistic Events Manager for Grupo Crearte.
South Korea's #1 All-in-One Work Management Platform
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01 Understanding virtual work spaces 🌍

· What defines a virtual workspace
· Access, flexibility, & cultivating dynamic teams
· Cultural implications
· Productivity, collaboration, & continuous improvement
02 Turning work processes digital 🤖

· Overcoming resistance to change
· Commitment & team buy-in
· Adjusting existing workflows
· Making it second-nature
03 Making the most out of AI 🚀

· Understanding AI
· Identifying tasks AI can help with
· Making adjustments to refine results
· Encouraging innovation and creativity
04 Keeping it all together (Best practices)

· AI Template Updates: Work optimization hacks
· Real-life case studies review
· The Morningmate way: 5 Digital Transformation Strategies
· The future of digital work in the age of AI
After the workshop, participants will receive the recorded workshop
along with all materials covered.
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