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"We chose morningmate as our project collaboration tool for its ease of use, suitable for both students
and teachers."
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Bokja Girls' High School road to an efficient workflow with morningmate
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Over 70 users
Efficient organization of tasks and history records.
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Bokja Girls' High School's pain points
  1. Used Whatsapp group chats to share assignments and results, but things often got messy.
  2. Tested other tools, but they were hard to use for both teachers and students. 
  3. A lot of time was wasted transfering faculty and student information every new school year.
  4. Important tasks ended up in teacher journals or on sticky notes.
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morningmate's solution
  1. Effortless system for sharing assignments and getting results.
  2. Even for small projects, teachers and students learned to use morningmate quickly.
  3. Centralized chats and resources make it simple for new teachers and students to be onboarded.
  4. Presenting lessons and team projects online makes sharing information quicker.
How Bokja Girls' High School works quickly with morningmate
Park Sera
Teacher from Bokja Girls' High School
"morningmate has seriously lightened the load when it comes to staying on top of tasks!"
Online classes
Effortless online classes with just a single click!
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"With morningmate, managing online classes is a breeze. Bringing the classroom together in one click, confirming attendance easily, and making virtual learning smooth and effective."
Work Overview
Streamlined Class Assignments ↔ Clear Compiling of Results!
"Sharing assignments through WhatsApp and coordinating group projects was tough. morningmate's tools make it smooth to assign tasks, homework, and collaborate on class material. Students can share their results too!"
Project task management
Communication, group activities, feedback, engagement.
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"The 'My Tasks' filter keeps me on track! Before morningmate, tracking student progress and assignments was hard. Now, I organize, track, and manage everything in one place."
400,000+ teams across enterprises have innovated their workspace with morningmate
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