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"Just like a custom-made suit fits you perfectly, I picked morningmate because it can be easily adjusted to meet individual requirements."


BGF retail's journey to an efficient workflow with morningmate
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# of Employees:
More than 2,600
Efficient workflow organization and work history record management.
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BGF Retail’s Pain points 
  1.  Previous solution didn't offer mobile app, making communication inconsistent.
  2.  Worries of having data leaks from using WhatsApp for work communication.
  3.  People working away from the main office could only ask for things by calling or emailing the main office. There was no back-and-forth discussion; they just sent their requests and waited for a response.
  4.  Needed a tool that matched security standards, architecture, and customization needs.
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morningmate's solution
  1.  Mobile apps for seamless field work on Android and iOS.
  2.  Admin control settings for security, including screen capture prevention and data encryption.
  3.  Real-time communication between the head office and offsite workers.
  4.  After evaluating other options such as Slack, among others. morningmate best integrated with BGF Retail's groupware.
How BGF Retail streamlined its workflow with morningmate
Ryu Dae-seong
Supervisor at BGF Retail 
"With morningmate, I can now communicate in real time with 15,000 stores across the country through mobile devices”
Real-time communication from the central office to all workers
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"Our sales team seamlessly communicates with local stores using morningmate's cross-device features, leading to enhanced reporting and instantaneous directives."
Workflow & Security
Instantly manage and share reports securely
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"With morningmate, our stores became collaborative hubs. Regional managers send mobile updates for quick head office feedback, while admins manage security and file access."
Organize information for a streamlined workflow
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"morningmate seamlessly integrates with our groupware, allowing tasks and chats to be syncronized through email. Employee statuses update automatically, and they even customized chat emoticons with our brand mascot!"
400,000+ teams across enterprises have innovated their workspace with morningmate
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