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Templates designed by workflow
Project Management

Organise your projects in specific rooms and their information.

Tool Highlight: Article Post
  • Centralise content

  • Avoid data lose

  • Save wasted search time

Remote Work

Break the barriers of remote working through various ways to communicate.

Tool Highlight: Chat & comments
  • Real time 1:1/Group chat

  • Zoom & MS Teams integrations

  • Direct post comments

Task Tracking

Get instant task progress visibility and standardize workflows.

Tool Highlight: Task post
  • Track task progress

  • Filter assigned tasks

  • Manage priority & deadlines

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Templates designed for teams.
Transform your daily work with our tailored project management templates designed for your team

Manage campaigns and organize your projects through a Gantt chart.

Use cases:

  • Campaign strategy

  • Content scheduling

  • Activation planning

  • SEO check list

  • Asset centralisation

  • Community check list

Check out how various diverse teams collaborate with morningmate
operations blog.jpeg

Every company has an operations department (knowingly or not) to keep up with daily functions, but not everyone truly understands what is the objective and main tasks...


Marketing teams are constantly facing numerous challenges. How do they stay organised and manage a variety of different tasks and work processes simultaneously?


Informational Technology (IT) service departments for a lot of organisation’s are a central team today as their work involvement reaches almost all aspects...

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