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"Before, we had to use six communication tools, now we can do everything in one place with morningmate."
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HK Inno-N's road to an efficient workflow with morningmate
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Integrating internal/external collaboration channels
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HK Inno-N's pain points
  1.  Internal communication was inefficient since employees used multiple communication channels.
  2.  The company lacked a centralized communication hub for conversations with internal and external stakeholders
  3.  After introducing hybrid work policies, employees struggled with accessing company internal documents when WFH and often had to go to the office and retrieve documents using USB sticks or printing.
  4.  Due to the lack of a centralised workspace managers could not access or evaluate past performance.
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morningmate's solution
  1.  Centralised communication meant less meetings.
  2.  HK Inno-N can invite contractors and external vendors to collaborate using their morningmate workspace without the need of additional costly licences.
  3.  All data including sensitive files can be shared and accessed via morningmate's web and mobile apps.
  4.  Thanks to morningmate centralised workspace managers can analyse and view past work at a glance.
How HK Inno-N streamlined their workflow with morningmate
Kim Se Yeong
Operations Deputy at HK Inno-N 
"We reduced 2 hours of task work with morningmate"
Secure File Viewing
Efficient on-site and remote task workflow
"At HK Inno-N, we've shifted from papers to encrypted files on morningmate, safe to access from anywhere."
Gantt chart
Headquarters, branches, and on-site projects all in one timeline
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"At HK Inno-N, we check all tasks every day, verify how multiple projects are doing, and sync them to our calendars to avoid missing due dates."
Communication Hub
Centralized communication for office, on-site, sales, and external partners
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"Previously, our internal chats were scattered, causing information loss and security concerns as sales and other departments used WhatsApp channels. With morningmate, our conversations are centralized, simplifying everything."
400,000+ teams across enterprises have innovated their workspace with morningmate
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